Build your Employer Brand:

Attract great Talent

Attract, grow, and retain top Talent for your Restaurant.

To set yourself apart in today’s competitive Talent market, you need to build a strong Employer Brand.

What is an Employer Brand? It's the sum total of what people think it’s like to work in your Restaurant, based on what they have heard and experienced.

Top Talent is looking for a strong culture and values-based leaders. They are looking for a place to grow. By bringing your brand to life, you can attract Team Members whom you care about, who care about you, and who are committed to your business.

Video: Building an Employer Brand

The Employer Brand building road map will help you to create a cohesive, intentional culture by:

  • Articulating the Purpose for your Restaurant
  • Creating a Promise for your Team Members
  • Activating an intentional Team Member Experience
  • Sharing your Employer Brand Story

Collaborate with your Leadership Team and peers to follow a proven process.

The Employer Brand journey will help you clarify your Purpose, and establish a filter for selecting the right Talent and tactics to create a Purpose-driven culture.

Choose a level of service - from largely self-directed to expertly facilitated and supported - to meet your needs and budget:

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Catalyst: $999

Accelerator: $2699


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